31 May

Coach Approach

Motivating, monitoring and maintaining volunteers gains valuable victories with the “COACH APPROACH”.

Volunteers seek and serve organizations which enable them to make an active contribution of their skills, talents, expertise and abilities. Volunteers work for non-monetary compensation.  Organization staff, leaders, members and supervisors who recognize and respect the work experience, style and schedule of volunteers will score wins for the organization’s mission and program.

A winning coach knows the mind set and skill set of each team member including other coaches. Coaches who manage volunteers facilitate effective participation and attentive cooperation by refraining from user an “Employer Approach.”

The “Coach Approach” does not impose demands for repetitive communications and corrections that the Volunteer Coordinator could make with minimal effort during the volunteer’s work day.

The “Coach Approach” moves projects forward.

The “Coach Approach” assigns responsibilities and aligns roles which enable volunteers to respond with fulfillment and achievement.

The “Coach Approach” honors the volunteer’s time availability and talent ability.

The “Coach Approach” operates with an attitude of “helping the helper to help” and the positioning volunteers with tasks, timetables and teams which lead to completed projects and achieved timetables.

The “Coach Approach”  motivates while monitoring and managing volunteers.


Receiving Feedback as Strategic and Thematic RATHER THAN Static and Traumatic

2 May

Receiving feedback via a stereo sound system signals a bad connection, causes ear pain and sends shockwaves to messengers and audiences.

Progressive and productive leadership gains guidance from partner and participant evaluations, critiques, comments and feedback. Skillful leaders willfully use information as “food” and “seed” to sharpen strategic, transform technique and optimize operations.

Effective leaders analyze feedback for organizational advancement, enhancement and development.

From each source of feedback comes information which can lead to innovations and implementation for personnel, programming and perform.

Neutralize the shock and trauma of seemingly negative comments and observations. Receive the wisdom from the feedback. Consider tweaks to techniques, traditions and themes.

Tune in for feedback which can tune up your leadership, vision, mission and operations.

Value Your Team’s Totality of Talents

30 Apr

Knowing, sowing and growing the total talents of teams stimulates flowing operations.

“People-purposed” leaders and organizations recognize and synergize the diverse talents of diverse team members. Productive teams operate in completion rather than competition.

“People-purposed” leaders and organizations team, train, tool and task officers, staff, volunteers and partners to complement individual skills and strengths.

Inspired and instructed individual skills and abilities generate innovation. Innovation produces growth, development and stability.

Emphasizing, encouraging and empowering the totality of  team members maximizes value within individuals and throughout organizations.

The Personalities AND Realities of Negotiation Sessions

16 Feb

Know your client’s expectations and clear authorizations prior to negotiating with adversaries and allies. Each party and person enters the process with distinct personalities, perspectives, directives and realities.  “A fly on the wall” are often both amused and confused by the divergent views and “sticky points” that stifle negotiators.


Here are some pointers which can clarify and unstuck negotiations in corporations, communities and congregations:

1.            RESEARCH:   Meticulous investigation of facts and figures to craft an approach for addressing, advocating and arguing for your client. Know your allies and adversaries. Find out their “land in the sand”  and “open doors.”

Evaluate the strengths, weakness and alternatives for your client’s “bottom line” and “hard lines.”

2.            RAPPORT:   Avoid ad hominem and ad feminem statements.  Listen to the positions and conditions of the others. Refrain from assuming total disagreement.

Visit the websites, LinkedIn Pages, Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts and You Tube Channels of the other parties to the negotiation.  A careful review of the themes, trends and tones of the parties can help you to engage in active and effective conversations.

3.            RESULTS:  Set specific objectives to obtain specific outcomes. Define the term “WIN-WIN with your client before and after the negotiation. Assess the strength, style and skill of your negotiation techniques and tools.

Expand Circles of Leaders, Volunteers and Supporters

20 Dec

Expand Circles of Leaders, Volunteers and Supporters.

Expand Circles of Leaders, Volunteers and Supporters

20 Dec

Committee 4Viable and visible organizations incorporate diversity of thought and talent into governance boards, staff  members and volunteer corps. From original mission statements to annual financial statements, inclusive and expansive organizations consider the perspectives, priorities and personalities of key players. Building a sustainable corporation, committee or caucus flows fuller with structures and systems that enable diverse parties to contribute their strongest skills and specific services.

Commitee 1Leaders who insist on teams that “walk and talk” in their mirror image stifle progress and productivity.  Recruiting and equipping people who bring varied education, experience and expertise expands the internal and external strength of corporate operations.  Widening the circle of leaders and followers creates new opportunities for individual and corporate excellence.Committee 3

During the past month, I was struck by conversations with leaders from two different age groups.  Both discussions left my ears ringing.  The older leader of “Golden Group” lamented that an influential business leader and congressional staffer were not living up to their responsibilities on a neighborhood association board of directors.  “We are going to rid rid of them. We are going to fire them.”

The “Concerned Care” duo of younger leaders insisted that “there are only certain people who we can trust. We are going to hand pick the committee members.”  The younger leaders decided to mold a team based on their opinions and observations.

committee idential color shape peg

Evidently, the younger leaders  of  “Committee Care” are concerned about uniformity and conformity to guarantee their governance control.  There are workable solutions and best practices that facilitate “control” yet enable fuller participation.  One  “best practice” is the delegation of “discrete and insular” tasks best suited to individuals.  The process of  “assignment with agreement” builds individual and organizational morale.

                    Committee all male diverse faces diverse note pads

Apparently, the older leaders of “Group Golden” are  feared and geared towards following traditional operations which include day time meetings, obligatory ticket sales and mandatory meeting perfect attendance.  Two “workable solutions are ” modified meeting methodology” and “tailored technology tools” including conference calls and Skype(TM) type linkages for board members or volunteer corps whose work, school or family schedules make in-person meetings impracticable.

Expanding circles of leaders, volunteers and supporters is possible with purposeful planning and practical performing.Committee different colors diverse same shape

Leading Well With Diverse Interests and Divergent Ideas

23 Oct

Willful inclusion of diverse interests and skillful implementation of divergent ideas can increase corporate capacity. Listening to stakeholders with diverse interests opens opportunities for innovation and invention. Learning from staff members with divergent ideas brings possibilities for upgrading and updating techniques and technologies.

Incorporating new strategies creates new energy for corporate mission. Implementing new roles for staff can boost corporate morale. Integrating tradition with innovation can optimize corporate operations.